A Memory

This post is about a simple too that does its job so well that that I use in my studio daily. But really it is about so much more. I recently snipped something that I should not have (a chunky piece of white gold) and broke a tip off of my Lindstrom flush cutters (a friend’s dog had long ago chewed on the handle). I ordered a new pair, but in the meanwhile the memory of how I got the first pair came back to me.

In the spring of 2004 I went to Penland School of Crafts and was there for two months as a studio assistant to Marjorie Simon. It was my second time there and it solidified a place in my heart as one of the most incredible places. Incredible for its landscape,  incredible for the knowledge you take in, incredible for the acceptance you find, incredible for the break you get from the typical ins and outs of a weekly routine, incredible for the people you meet.

One of the incredible people that I met there was the Metals Coordinator, Suzanne Pugh and the story continues like this: Shortly after I arrived back to the Berkshires a small package arrived for me. It was from Suzanne and inside the package was a pair of my now favorite, cannot work without flush cutters (before that package arrived I had no clue what I was missing). They were a little thank you gesture from a new friend (and now years later we are fortunate to both live in the Bay Area and continue to be good pals).

This little incident that was unfortunate and inconvenient in the moment made me remember this story. There is Beauty in this story. It makes me happy.
Cheers to Suzanne and Cheers to tools that do a great job!