Start with Something

As I am embark on this new endeavor to me–blogging–I am reminded of how I start many new projects. I find some way to feel that I am starting with something instead of nothing. Tapping in to what’s familiar–these things can be tangible or not. It is about ‘feeling’ like there is something that I already relate to or know deeply and this helps me to begin.

So yes, I may have never made a blog post before but I type on my computer often,  I take pictures of what I see around me, I have conversations and think about what I do. Now I will begin to share some of it with you. What to expect? Jewelry, Adornment, Inspiration, Knitwear, Stretches, Professional Practices, Yoga, Juggling, Why & What… There is much to unfold, but I imagine you following the threads of my interests. Interests that together make me want to get up in the morning and participate another day in my life. Interests that together under my umbrella revolve around that deep powerful thing we call Beauty.

Above is a brooch I made back in 2007. It was the beginning of a new relationship for me to the work that I made. It finally was feeling like me! If I never made this piece and a few others similar to it I don’t think I would be making jewelry today. Incorporating textile and color along with the metalwork opened up a door and I have never looked back.

Enjoy & Thanks!