As I sit and make jewelry I think both of the past and the future and yet I am methodically using my hands in the very present moment. The impulse of my hands to create is very strong. They translate the abstractions that I see as I walk down the street, the memories of a landscape of color and texture or of the feeling and patterns of a fabric.  They create a memento for an intangible feeling. What is visible, what is concealed? Many layers are parts to a whole. My process allows for me to add and take way, to see, feel, respond, question and remember. Various patterns, colors, textures and surface treatments interact; their juxtaposition is key and often surprising. What is seen depends on the light, the color of the clothing that is being worn, or the mood one is in. These expressions of nonverbal communication become a record, a reflection. They connect us individually and as a culture with our past and with our future.

Materials: oxidized sterling silver, copper, enamel, fiber

Dimensions: 3″ x 22 1/2″ x 3/4″

Date: 2009