Studio Life: Podcasts

A few weeks ago I made the Beauty Report post: QUIET about basking in the spaciousness and clarity of quiet while making work. When I have this opportunity I find that most of the time I take it. Snatch it up. Settle into it. But there are some days when I get into the flow of working while listening to music or podcasts. Lately podcasts have been so enjoyable and I find myself in conversation often mentioning something that I heard from a podcast. (This has also been happening with the books that I am reading. This year I seem to be devouring information and wanting to know more, more, more. Reading and listening A LOT, letting one thing lead me to the next…)

There is different spaciousness that I find in listening that allows me to focus on work for long spans of time. While I don’t find it everyday, I do know something about when it is with me—usually it arrives when I have work to do where I know the answer, busy work in a sense, ‘production work’ not a problem solving or one-of-a-kind of work.

An example of production work is the following:

Raissa Bump Quintuple Small Beaded Twisted Wire Earrings

Beaded Twisted Wire Quintuple Earrings:
oxidized sterling silver and vintage glass beads

An example of one-of-a-kind work is the following:

Raissa Bump Mirror Complements Brooch

Mirror Complements Brooch 2007:
oxidized sterling silver, vintage glass beads, silk thread

So what have I been listening to? Some usuals like ‘This American Life‘ and ‘Freakonomics‘ (which I have enjoyed for a long time now), ‘Snap Judgement‘ and a newer to me podcast ‘99% Invisible’. And it is through this last podcast that I heard of a new venture: Radiotopia and started listening to other podcasts such as ‘Strangers’ that are part of this collective.

Radiotopia from PRX is “a collective of the best story-driven shows on the planet. It’s also a new model for audience engagement and revenue growth in public radio, with support from the Knight Foundation. Radiotopia is anchored by 99% Invisible, the popular design and architecture show hosted and produced by Roman Mars – named one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in 2013. [Their] goal is to bring listeners extraordinary audio wherever they are listening, help independent producers grow their shows, and share what we’re learning along the way. Listen, love, and share Radiotopia.”

What do you listen to while you work? Let me know.

And when you’ve listened to all of your favorite podcasts, and you need some new listening to hold you over till the next one, I encourage you to check out Radiotopia.

In Beauty, thanks for reading.