Beauty Report: Quiet

Most of the time I work alone in studio, though rarely am I alone in the space. Today I am here by myself. Jon and Joe of Anzfer Farms, whom I share space with, are installing a huge project at the Berkeley Art Museum–one that has been in the planning for over a year and includes many people (check out The Possible ).

Hours have passed today and I realize that I have kept the music off. I find myself doing this when I know there is no one else here making shop noise and chatter. Just like when the sun comes out after a grey spell and I want to soak it up and bask in its warmth, today I am basking in the quiet. It is by no means silent. It is quite alive. I listen to my own breath, the sound of my saw cutting through metal, or a file smoothing and edge, a car driving by…but my mind and body vibrations slow and calm down. I have clarity and lots of fun making my work. Time passes fast. It is one of the best kinds of days there are. I feel like I am doing exactly what I should be doing. There is no struggle.


In Beauty…