Beauty Report: Pop-UP Shop!

raissa bump anzfer farms sandwhich board

raissa bump anzfer farms pop-up









Anzfer Farms (Jonathan Anzalone & Joseph Ferriso) and I have had the opportunity to set up shop. We have occupied a storefront on busy Clement Street in San Francisco for the past month or so. The block that we are on is home to Park Life and SeedStore, great Inner Richmond establishments owned by incredible people.

We did nothing to change the space, but brought over our work and created a cozy environment. The fragment lights really helped! I have spent many afternoons there with the door open, welcoming in friends, meeting new people, talking about our work and selling it too.

The experience has reminded me of the good old days working at Sienna Gallery. It is the first time in years that I have kept ‘open hours.’ My brain clicked on in a different way and I became ‘shop girl’, taking this commitment (with myself) rather seriously.

The opportunity to create a retail space has brought up the question: is this the next step for our businesses? Is this where we would like to use our resources and grow? Each of us has decided that it is not. Overall for me it has been enjoyable, but I knew the entire time that it was a fixed gig, not ongoing. I realize how incredible and fortunate it is that I can structure my days how I see fit, and often can do what suits my mood best, without the necessity of showing up to a retail location. My burning passion is in the making, as well as in figuring out how I can make this passion thrive today and in the future.

The Beauty in this story is many things. Here are a few:
*being given the gift of an empty storefront to occupy through the year
*interacting with my neighborhood in a new way
*coming to clarity about what are the next steps in my business (stay tuned!)
*re-sparking the intensity of my gratitude for all of the galleries that I work with (they all make it possible for me to stay in my studio an make!)

whitney at pop-up

This is our last week(end) at the Pop-UP; come visit!

In Beauty,